The Significance of Renewable Energy is Increasing

As economic growth leads to development of countries and improvement of living standards, increase in the production of products and services due to increasing demand also gives rise to further energy need. Global warming and current climate change have brought up reliable, cheap and clean energy production all over the world.


The Paris Agreement, which has been signed by more than 190 countries, including Turkey, has entered into force in November 2016, including 97 countries, such as China and USA, which have the highest greenhouse gas emissions. Through the agreement, actions will be taken and put into practice in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to keep global temperature rise below 2 degrees as part of combating climate change. Therefore, it is expected that renewable energy will rapidly develop worldwide.


When we look at Turkey in particular, the issues regarding the use of domestic sources of energy, energy independence and reducing current account deficits have gained considerable importance in recent years, and also many steps have been taken in terms of the incentives granted by the government as well as reduction of the energy costs. In this context, significant investments have been made especially in the field of renewable energy and rapid increases have been experienced in renewable energy installed capacity with every passing year.


Total Installed Power Distribution of Electricity Production Facilities in Turkey (2)




Kaynak: TEİAŞ

Breakdown of Primary Energy Sources of Electric Energy Production in Turkeyı






Source: TEİAŞ (Turkish Electricity Transmission Company)