Akfen Renewable Energy Management Team


Kayrıl Karabeyoğlu

General Manager


Graduated from METU Civil Engineering Department in 1998, Kayrıl Karabeyoğlu completed his postgraduate studies doing a double major between years 1998-2001 at New York Lubin School of Business on Finance and Information Systems.


Mr. Karabeyoğlu launched his professional career at Standard and Poor’s New York Office between years 2001-2004, and continued his professional life at Project Financing Department of Garanti Bank between years 2004 to 2006.


Kayrıl Karabeyoğlu acted as Director at SU Private Equity Management between years 2006-2010 and then appointed as Turkey Country Manager at Advent International between years 2010-2013.


Then appointed as the CEO at Doğuş SK Venture Capital Trust between years 2013-2018, Karabeyoğlu further assumed the position of Executive Board Membership at Radore Data Center and Advisory Committee Membership at Endeavor. 


Karabeyoğlu also authored three articles entitled “LBO and Credit Risk – relationship between LBO transaction sizes and credit performances”, “Leverage and Dividend – Balance sheet structuring strategies of private capital funds”, and “the credit quality of the portfolios of the derivate market players” that were published at international publications.


As of 2018, he is appointed as the General Manager at Akfen Renewable Energy.




Mustafa Kemal Güngör

Deputy General Manager
Chief Operating Officer


Mustafa Kemal Güngör graduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of the Middle East Technical University in 1998 and completed his master's degree from the same university and department in 2003. During the last year of his undergraduate education and also during his graduate studies he was trained in the field of Energy Systems. From his graduation until today he solely worked in the energy industry. Güngör started his career in the field of energy transmission in 1998 and worked on high voltage energy transmission lines and transformer stations projects. Later in his career, he served in the companies that made investments in power generation plants. He completed all the processes from the establishment of Turkey's first private sector wind power plant until the end of the first operational year.


He has been one of first members of the team implementing the construction and operation of hydroelectric power plants in the portfolio of Akfen Holding, which he joined in July 2007. He has been involved in the development of wind projects of the Holding. He has also been contributing to the development of wholesale electricity sales and solar energy projects. Güngör, who served as General Manager of HEPP and WPP Companies in Akfen Holding, has been serving as Chief Operating Officer at Akfen Renewable Energy Inc.




Kürşat Tezkan


Deputy General Manager

Chief Business Development Officer


After graduating from the Department of Business and Systems Engineering of the Military Academy, he completed the Department of Business Administration of Istanbul University. In 1996, he finalized his military career and started his new career as Assistant Specialist at Akfen Industrial and Agricultural Products Import, Export and Marketing Inc. After serving as manager at Akfen Tourism and Akfen Holding Financial Accounting Department, he was appointed as Akfen Holding Tourism Manager in 1999.


In 2003-2004, Tezkan served as Vice President at Kuşadası Port Aegean Port Authority Inc., and then served as General Manager in Akfen Tourism Investments & Management Co. Ltd, as Director in Tüv-Türk Vehicle Inspection Station Construction Works Inc., and conducted Project Development works in Akfen Holding A.Ş. From that date until 2012, he served as Deputy General Manager of Finance and Corporate Relations in Mersin International Port Authority Inc.


Tezkan served as Akfen Holding Public Relations Coordinator between April 2012 and June 2013 and as Akfen-Su General Manager in 2014. He served as Akfen SPP General Manager between 2014 and 2016 and assumed the responsibilities of Akfen Tourism Investments as well as IDO permits.


Kürşat Tezkan has been serving as Chief Business Development Officer of Akfen Renewable Energy since 2016.




Mehmet Yeşilkaya

Deputy General Manager

Chief Construction and Engineering Officer


In 1986, he graduated from Hacettepe University Department of Mechanical Engineering. He started his career in 1986 at Kutlutaş -157 MW * 2-Çatalağzı B Thermal Power Plant Construction Project. He served as manager in many international and local projects, in Thermal Power Plant Projects (Natural Gas Cycle, Pulverized Coal, Fluidized Bed), Natural Gas Projects (Pressure Reducing Station, Natural Gas Compressor Stations and Natural Gas Transmission Lines), and various refinery construction projects (Hydrocracker, Isomerization, Diesel Hydro-treating).


He joined Akfen HEPP in April 2011 and managed engineering-procurement-construction and commissioning works of the HEPPs that are in the construction phase; he supervised feasibility, concept design, engineering-procurement-construction procurement processes of the 1.148 MW Mersin Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Project, and managed the feasibility processes within the scope of 600MW Sedef-II Thermal Power Plant project development works.


As of 2016, he has been serving as Deputy General Manager of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning processes of the investments of Akfen Renewable Energy Inc.





Özgür Uzunoğlu

Deputy General Manager


In 2000, he graduated from Department of Business Administration of Boğaziçi University. He started his professional career as a corporate finance analyst and partner at Global Securities.


From 2006 to 2009, he served as a senior investment banker at NBK Capital. Later, he joined Burgan Securities (formerly EFG Istanbul) and held the corporate finance co-chair until 2015.


He coordinates and executes important processes (documentation, examination, investment case and feasibility analysis, board reporting, SPA negotiations) in corporate finance transactions (such as mergers and acquisitions, capital and debt market transactions).


He coordinates and executes project financing of investments.

Moreover, he performs financial analysis and modeling of organic and inorganic growth investments. He leads preparation and coordination of periodical business reports, and presents them to the shareholders and the Board.




Hakan Bozkurt


Business Development


In 1995, he completed Selcuk University School of Mapping and Cadastre and then Preston University Business Administration (BBA) Department. In 1999, he started to work in the energy sector as a Field Supervisor in the OHS Consortium of Blue Stream Project, which was held by the General Directorate of BOTAŞ. While he was working in the General Directorate of BOTAŞ between 2001 and 2008; he worked as a field manager of the teams that execute Land Acquisition and social and environmental impact assessment works, and also worked as BOTAŞ Liaison Office Chief on behalf of General Directorate of Botaş mainly in the international projects such as Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Crude Oil Pipeline Project, Şahdeniz NGPL, Iran NGPL, Measurement and Pressure Reduction Stations and other national pipeline projects owned by BOTAŞ. Within the period he departed from the General Directorate of BOTAŞ in 2007 until he assumed his position in 2009, in Akfen-HES Yatırımları Enerji A.Ş (Akfen-HEPP Investments Energy), which belongs to Akfen Holding, he provided consultancy services to many energy projects (WEPP, HEPP, Thermal Power Plant). As the Manager of Expropriation/Land Acquisition of Akfen-HES Yatırımları Enerji A.Ş. between 2009 and 2015, he carried out activities related to mapping, Expropriation/Land Acquisition, EIA, development plan, public relations, permits, social impact assessments of all renewable energy projects of the company, and follow-up and finalization of work related activities in the public institutions. He was appointed as the Deputy General Manager of Akfen –HES Yatırımları Enerji A.Ş on 01.02.2015. Having 18 years experience in the field, Bozkurt is currently serving as Deputy General Manager for the Companies under Akfen Renewable Energy.

His duties include feasibility evaluations and conducting map studies, leading risk analyses of environmental impact assessments, handling relationships with local planning authorities, and managing public relations at the project line.