About Akfen Renewable Energy

Modern power plants diversified in the regions with the best natural resources of Turkey ...


Akfen Renewable Energy, which started electricity generation by launching its first HEPP facility in 2009, continues its activities in Turkey, where the highest energy demand increase has been realized among the OECD countries in the last 10 years.


Akfen Renewable Energy contributes to the country's economy through its modernized power plants, most of which have been launched in the last 5 years in the regions with the best natural resources of Turkey.


The interest in renewable energy resources in Turkey is increasing due to the national strategy for reducing dependency on natural gas with the endorsement of renewable energy, income predictibality through the US dollar denominated fixed purchase guarantee and renewable energy incentive system, stable margins, and ease of development financing.


The company continues to rise rapidly in the renewable energy sector and 33.86% of the company's shares are owned by two important international organizations EBRD* and IFC*,


The portfolio of Akfen Renewable Energy consists of energy generation from renewable resources and wholesale electricity trade. Akfen Wholesale serves as a distribution channel for directing the production realized by the power plants of Akfen Renewable Energy to the wholesale market. It also provides protection against volatility in wholesale energy sales prices in case the purchase price guarantee is not used.


Akfen Renewable Energy strongly focuses on cost control through its lean and efficient organizational structure, continuing its activities with its proven experience from development and licensing to construction and operation. 


Akfen Renewable Energy continues its investments to reach capacity of 1000 MWe installed power portfolio from domestic and renewable energy sources by the end of 2020.    



* EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

** IFC (International Finance Corporation).