Occupational Health and Safety Policy


Our company and with its employees, we comply with the national and international legislations and regulations and within the compass of continuously developing Occupational Health and Safety Management System; we provide healthy and safe working space.

• Analyzing and mitigating the health and safety risks that may occur in the working space,

• Forming Occupational Health and Safety awareness and preparing training activities for development,

• To take any necessary precautions in accordance with the HS legislation in force and all other necessities about HS in order to ensure the health and safety of the employees, subcontractors, visitors in the workplace and in additional buildings and others that are employees outside the offices, providing any tools and personal protective equipment and ensuring the use of these when necessary,

• By conducting an efficient risk assessment, pre-determining and eliminating the unsafe cases and actions that can cause occupational accidents or occupational diseases and possible accident risks in the workplace and in additional buildings,

• Determining the risks in the workplace that can cause occupational accidents or occupational diseases, and to ensure the health, safety and social well beings of the employees on all levels, visitors, subcontractors, and to mitigate any financial and emotional losses that may take place in the future towards them or their families, • Training our employees about occupational health and safety and provide a good occupational health and safety awareness,

• Ensuring that the subcontractors providing services in the workplace or the visitors obey the rules in terms of occupational health and safety that are established by our company,

• Making our company a role model in terms of HS applications for registered institutions, chambers of industry and associations,

• Predicting the possible outcomes that can be encountered in the future by taking the development of energy industry into account and providing constant development and making revisions,

• Targeting zero occupational accident and zero occupational disease and increasing the efficiency by taking necessary precautions.

In accordance with the items given above, we manage our activities in integrity with Quality, Health and Safety and Energy Efficiency Management Systems, we work hard to be the role model company in terms of occupational health and safety.