Land Acquisition Policy


The processes and implementations, which Akfen Renewable Energy will pursue in compliance with the legislation for expropriation and land acquisition in energy investments, are described. All projects are carried out within the same framework.


In accordance with the Expropriation Law No: 2942, the location of the energy generation facilities is determined by considering the residential areas and care is taken to avoid damaging any residential buildings and alternatives are evaluated. Expropriation and facility installation procedures are carried out with respect to national legislative provisions and international standards and the losses of all right holders who are directly or indirectly affected by the project are indemnified and necessary assistance is provided in accordance with the relevant legislation and mutual agreement.


Expropriation price includes ground fee of the area to be expropriated, and of all kinds of structures, wells, concrete floors, walls, wire mesh and wood on this area. It is planned that energy generation facilities to be completed as soon as possible in the parcel of land that is expropriated and to be rehabilitated by Akfen Renewable Energy in accordance with the project to be implemented/procured implementation of. Before the initiation of construction activities, the land entry protocol is signed between the land owner/user and the authorized person assigned by Akfen Renewable Energy in the witness of the village neighborhood representative, and after the construction is completed and the land is rehabilitated, a land exit protocol is signed. The objective is to rehabilitate the land and to reach to an agreement with the right holder. For this reason, it is very important for all landowners or their legal heirs, whose lands are expropriated, to participate in the signing of the aforementioned entry and exit protocols.


Download Legal Process in Land Acquisition (PDF)