Akfen Renewable Energy Inc. ("Company") applies an information policy in order to ensure that necessary information and disclosures that are out of the scope of the trade secrets under the Turkish Commercial Code ("TCC"), are communicated to relevant parties on a timely, accurate, complete, understandable and equal manner.

Our Information Disclosure Policy

The Information Disclosure Policy covers aspects regarding what developments and information, in what frequency and through which channels will be disclosed to the public, other than those specified by the legislation. The Information Disclosure Policy applies to all of our company employees, corporations that serve our Company, and the employees of these corporations.


Authority and Responsibility

The Information Disclosure Policy has been established by the Board of Directors in accordance with corporate governance principles. Management and execution of the subject policy, ensuring its continuity, informing and disclosure to the public are also under the authority and responsibility of the Board of Directors.

Our Company fulfills its responsibility with respect to the Information Disclosure Policy, in accordance with its Corporate Management Action Plan.

The strategies, plans and expectations that are not determined by the legislation, evaluation of past performance, and sharing of the target and vision can be made by the members of the Board of Directors or the General Manager.


 Having an active approach to the adoption and implementation of the Corporate Governance Principles, our Company makes utmost efforts to ensure that the relevant legislative requirements and international best practices are implemented for public disclosure and information.

Information Disclosure Methods and Means

Without prejudice to the provisions of the TCC, the methods and means of information disclosure used by our Company are stated below.

·       Announcements and notifications made through the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette and daily newspapers

·       Corporate website (www.akfenren.com.tr)

·       Declarations through communication tools such as telephone, e-mail, fax, etc.

·       Press statements made through written and visual media

·       Declaration made to data distribution organizations

·       Presentations on company financial and operational information

·       Annual and interim activity reports


Non-Technical Summary


Amasya SPP Non-Technical Summary

Tokat SPP Non-Technical Summary

Yaysun and MT SPP Non-Technical Summary

ME-SE SPP Non-Technical Summary

Fırıncı GES Non-Technical Summary

Van SPP's Non-Technical Summary


Denizli WPP Non-Technical Summary

Hasanoba WPP Non-Technical Summary

Kocalar WPP Non-Technical Summary

Üçpınar WPP Non-Technical Summary


Denizli WPP

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Hasanoba WPP

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Kocalar WPP

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Üçpınar WPP


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Fırıncı SPP SEP


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Akfen Projects Annual Monitoring Reports


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