Akfen Renewable Energy’s basic operational principle is to respect the natural and social environment and to protect the life and property safety of its employees and other stakeholders that may be affected by its activities. To document and systematize its awareness, it continues working in integration with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System ve ISO 50001 Energy Management System. As part of integration with these management systems, below are the policies that the Board of Directors commits to undertake.
  Quality Management Documents








Quality Policy

In line with our corporate vision, we use developing and up-to-date technologies to serve reliable products that meet customer expectations.


·       Documentation, certification and continuous improvement of our quality management system in order to fulfill the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard,

·       Based on total quality philosophy, reaching company and unit targets through team spirit,

·       Determining preventive approaches that will improve our performance by putting our business processes through the self-evaluation process,

·       Being a reliable and sought-after company in a manner that fully meets the needs and expectations of its customers in all processes

·       Continuously improving the quality level by giving importance to team work so that all employees are more competent and able to use their talents at the highest level within the framework of quality systems

·       Establishing quality awareness in all employees,

·       Cooperating with suppliers in a trust-based manner,

·       Avoiding the inconveniences that may arise later by producing the most suitable, correct, and economical solutions in the fastest way,

·       Completion of every initiated project on time, fully compliant with the project using the highest level of technologies, with required qualifications and within budget limits,

·       Being an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment we are in and engaging in activities that contribute to the country's economy by continuously improving the business volume.

 Together with the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Energy Efficiency Management Systems, we manage all of the above in an integrated manner and work with our full strength to become a model corporation.

Environmental Policy


As our corporation and its employees, we provide environmentally friendly services in accordance with national and international legislations and regulations and through an environmental management system based on continuous improvement.


·       Efficient use of energy and natural resources,

·       Reduction of adverse environmental impacts from design phase through to the end of life cycle,

·       Prevention of pollution at source,

·       Increasing the environmental awareness of our employees and society,

·       Ensuring that all legal and customer requirements related to environmental aspects are maintained, are constantly improved and developed,

·       Within the scope of technical and economical capabilities, protecting natural resources by reducing raw material use through the use of appropriate technologies that are least harmful to the environment,

·       Considering environmental effects in plant and process design,

·       Leaving a clean and healthy environment to future generations through continuous improvement of our environmental performance,

·       Raising awareness of and participation in all our activities regarding our responsibilities to the environment among our subcontractors and local communities

·       Continuous communication with suppliers and customers in order to improve the environmental impact of the product,

·       Evaluation of recycling and reuse alternatives by reducing the wastes that may result from production transportation, storage, operation, treatment and maintenance activities,

·       Establishing health, safety and environmental integrity by reducing the emergency risks that may arise in the context of occupational health and safety regulations,


Together with the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Energy Efficiency Management Systems, we manage all of the above in an integrated manner and work with our full strength to become a model corporation with our environmental leadership.

  OHS Policy


As our corporation and its employees, we comply with national and international legislation and regulations and create a healthy and safe working environment within the scope of Health and Safety Management System based on continuous development.


·       Analyzing and minimizing health and safety risks that may arise in the work environment,

·       Organizing training activities for establishment and development of Occupational Health and Safety awareness,

·       In the workplace and its annexes; taking all measures, supplying tools and personal protective equipment, and ensuring that they are used when necessary in order to provide all employees, subcontractors, visitors and other employees working outside the workplace health care and safety, in compliance with the OSH legislation in force and other requirements related to OHS,

·       In the workplace and its annexes, identifying and removing unsafe conditions and movements that can cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases, and the risks of possible accidents through an effective risk assessment,

·       Determining the risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace and providing health, safety and social welfare to the employees at all levels, visitors, subcontractors, and reducing all future material and moral losses that are to be borne by them or their families.

·       Training our employees in the field of occupational health and safety and raising their awareness for occupational health and safety to a good level,

·       Ensuring that the subcontractors providing services at the workplace and also the visitors comply with the occupational health and safety rules set forth by our Corporation,

·       Making our Corporation a model company in terms of OHS applications, before institutions, industrial chambers and associations,

·       Taking into account the development of the energy business, anticipating future situations that may be encountered, developing continuously and reviewing our position.

·       We show utmost efforts to become a model organization in occupational health and safety by adopting the goal of zero work accidents and zero occupational diseases and by managing our activities in order to increase our efficiency by taking necessary measures, integrated with the Quality Environment and Energy Efficiency Management Systems.

Energy Efficiency Policy

We are aware that each individual has responsibilities to leave a more habitable and sustainable world to the new generations. In addition to complying with all applicable statutory requirements of the environmental and energy consumption we are liable for; we announce that we have determined to implement the following issues in an appropriate plan as our Energy Policy, manage them together and integrated with the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems;


·       Continuously measuring and increasing our energy performance without compromising our sensitivity to the environment,

·       Reducing energy and resource consumption without compromising the legislative and comfort conditions, by controlling the performances of our energy consuming constructions and systems and making revisions within corporate capacity.

·       Raising awareness of our employees on environmental awareness and energy efficiency and therefore leaving a positive mark not only in the corporation but also in every step of daily life,

·       Prioritizing the use of environmentally friendly and economical products,

·       Keeping carbon emissions at the lowest possible level,

·       Sharing all our knowledge and experience about energy management processes in all relevant platforms both inside and outside the corporation,

·       Striving to improve the effectiveness of our energy management system through discussions at regular meetings, receiving the opinions of all our employees,

·       Improving our energy performance by regularly setting higher targets.



   Our Biodiversity Conservation Policy
Akfen Renewable energy is pursuing effort to protect biodiversity in different provinces of Turkey which power plants are located. In order to transfer a protected ecosystem to future generations, we undertake all actions during the construction and operation period within the framework of the biological action plans prepared before the construction phases of the projects. Some of the monitoring activities implemented in our projects are listed below:
  • Eco flow monitoring and tracking systems
  • Fish Gate controlling and monitoring systems
  • Birdwatching and Tracking of Bat sonic waves
  • Biodiversity trainings were conducted for Construction and Operation Employees
  • Project-specific monitoring crucial species– (butterfly, turtle, mouse, bee, etc.)
  • Collection of seed and reproduction of species within the scope of flora monitoring operations.