Social Responsibility Projects


Health First Project


The “Health First Project” planned to be carried into effect under the coordination of TİKAV (Turkish Human Resources, Education, and Health Foundation) and financed by Akfen Yenilenebilir Enerji A.Ş. shall be implemented in in 17 different locations in Turkey in 2018. The said locations consist of the rural regions in which the Hydroelectric Power Plants and Solar Power Plants connected to Akfen Yenilenebilir Enerji A.Ş. are located.

In the scope of the Project, the aim is to raise the awareness of the women over 18 living in the rural region about the health by giving them an applied workshop with respect to the first aid, basic health, cancer screening, examination routines, gynecology, and organ donation. Also, the target is to support the prevention of wrong health interventions by non-professionals in our country, rising above prejudices against the examinations, and especially taking necessary precautions on time about the gynecology.


School At Home Project


The “School At Home Project” put into effect in cooperation with TİKAV and Akfen Yenilenebilir Enerji A.Ş. in 2107 has aimed at informing the parents about the methods for supporting the bodily, psycho- motor, social-emotional, cognitive, and language development of the children between 0-6 years old at home and raising awareness of the importance of the preschool education.


The “School At Home Project” has addressed the importance of spending fruitful time with the children at home by not just contenting with the education at school, for being able to educated healthier individuals. In the scope of the project, the mothers have been informed about the health screening of the children of 0-6 years old; and in addition to spending quality time with the children, a workshop study have been carried out with respect to the in-house activities capable of supporting their development processes.





Social Responsibility Projects of the year 2018



Tokat SPP Projects  


Village Moktar's building have been refurbished. In the scope of the refurbishment, concrete has been cast in front of the building, the façade has been painted, trees have been planted, and the opening has been made with a dining activity. Thus, a social activity area has been brought in the village. Solar panels have been installed for meeting the electricity need of the well pump supplying the utility water of the Kuşoturağı village.



MT SPP– Yaysun SPP


Aid activities have been organized for the sake of social responsibility at Zengen Secondary School, Zengen Primary School, Zengen Technical and Vocational Anatolian highs School, and Zengen Health Care Center. The Workshop, which was in an unusable condition, has been completely renewed in Zengen Technical and Vocational Anatolian High School, a video surveillance system has been set up in Zengen Secondary School, and many contributions have been made to Zengen Primary School such as computer, photocopier, and library aids. One generator has been delivered to Zengen Health Care Center together with a refrigerant vaccine-medicine cabinet. Also, the foundations have been laid for raising awareness of how planting tree is important for more beautiful Zengen by distributing 300 spruces to the students and local people.


The sports material purchase and renewal of the basketball backboard, the goal posts in the football field, and the set in the volleyball court in the primary school in the Zengen quarter are also among the planned social projects.





Uniforms and shoes have been purchased and presented to the junior football team of the Karatepe village. Engineering machines, staff, etc. have been supplied according to the demands made within the Karatepe village. Material support has been provided for the refurbishment works of the Karatepe village mansion and Moktar's house. Karatepe village playground and social activity area have been constructed. Support has been provided to the Sarayönü Municipality Sport Club by buying equipment, uniforms, and shoes.



Omicron Erciş SPP– Engil 208 SPP


A sports complex has been constructed in the Kıyıcak Lions Primary School. Since Kıyıcak Primary School has become old in time, refurbishment operations have also been carried out in the entire heating system and all doors and windows by considering the delicate sensitiveness to the children by painting the corridors of the classrooms in the school, providing it with healthier appearance. In the school garden; a grass football field, which is unavailable in most of the schools, basketball court, volleyball court, camellia, and playground, and landscaping works have been made in the sports complex where the children can have fun both during the week and weekend. In line with the requests from Kıyıcak village residents, support has been provided by supplying engineering machine at different times.



Üçpınar WPP


A financial support has been provided for the mosque and cemetery. A financial support has been provided to the construction of Umurbey social recreational facilities (accommodation, swimming pool, recreational areas, etc.).



Hasanoba WPP


Tables and chairs to be used in the social activities in the İntepe village have been supplied. Intepe village playground construction has been started and the work is still ongoing.  



Denizli WPP


The people have been informed by cooperating with the institutions in the subject of establishment of an apiculture cooperative in the Karacasu District for supporting the natural apiculture activities in the region. Except for these social projects, the donations and financial aids have been made for the settlements close to the plant area.