Corporate Governance


Dividend Policy


Our company Akfen Renewable Energy A.Ş. determines the dividend distribution in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code, Energy Market Legislation, Tax Legislation, other related legislative provisions and our Company’s Articles of Association.


There is no privilege among share groups in dividend distribution.


In the Company's Articles of Association, without prejudice to the Turkish Commercial Code and the provisions of other legislation to which the Company is subject and with regard to the business plan in effect for the fiscal year in question, Company's operating capital, future investment and funding needs, cash flow and capital adequacy, it is regulated that the profits obtained after the distributable tax in every fiscal year will be distributed to the shareholders in cash at the rate of their shares in the Company; that the distribution will be settled by the General Assembly in line with the proposal of the Board of Directors.


The distribution is to be made within one month at the latest following the General Assembly meeting and the General Assembly decides on the date of distribution.