Solar Power Plant Investments

As of 2017, Akfen Renewable Energy owns 9 unlicensed operating Solar Power Plants with 7.8 MWe capacity and 1 licensed plant with 8 MWe capacity. These power plants, which are established in the best regions of Turkey in terms of radiation, are equipped with the latest technology and have high efficiency and fully automated systems. Solentegre Solar Power Plant located in Elazığ district made its mark in history as the first licensed solar power plant established in Turkey.

Akfen Renewable Energy continues its efforts rapidly to extend its Solar Power Plant portfolio with unlicensed and especially licensed projects. The tenders for the licensed solar power plants with a total capacity of 70 MWe in Konya, Van and Malatya have been won and pre-licenses have been obtained for the projects. In addition, the construction of 17 unlicensed SPP projects in Amasya and Tokat with a total capacity of 15.4 MWe has started as of March 2017.

Akfen Renewable Energy will continue to expand its SPP portfolio in the following years through developing new projects as well as incorporating power plants that are already in operation.